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Let your students and staff choose the reference manager that they actually want to use

Whether or not your university or company uses Google Apps for Eduction or Google Apps for Work, most of your students and staff will have made this choice already, relying on tools like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs on a daily basis.

With Paperpile, you can add an industrial-strength reference management solution to their list of favourite productivity apps.

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What’s included?

  • All Paperpile features for all users.
  • Continuous updates with improvements and new features.
  • No storage limits. Paperpile can use all the available Google Drive storage space (unlimited for Google Apps for Education users and 15 GB for consumer Gmail accounts).
  • "Best effort" individual support for all users via in-app messaging and email. Email support for site administrators.
  • Community forum access for all users.
  • Detailed usage reports and statistics (coming soon).

Secure and open

  • Safe sign-in with the user’s institutional or private Google account. No user passwords are at risk at any time.
  • All user data is transferred encrypted, stored securely on our servers and backed-up constantly.
  • No data lock-in: User data can be exported in common exchange formats such as RIS or BibTeX for use with other reference management software.
  • Files are stored in Google Drive and are available on all devices and accessible for other applications at any time.
  • Available for Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS (requires Google Chrome browser and Chrome extension available in the Chrome Webstore)

Fast and simple setup

  • Paperpile can be set up at your university or company within minutes from a simple configuration dashboard.
  • No complex authentication systems. Users are verified by their institutional or work email address upon sign-up and can access Paperpile from anywhere at any time.

Custom solutions

If your institution has special technical or administrative requirements, our small, dedicated team will find solutions quickly, for example:

  • Integration with university- or department-specific library resources
  • Custom billing or licensing models
  • Customized training and support materials

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At a highly competitive price-point, it is possible to offer Paperpile as a modern and refreshing alternative to existing reference management solutions.