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It also connects to your Google Drive, but cannot access your personal data — only files you upload via Paperpile.

And of course, we won't share your e-mail address with anyone.

The most advanced PDF manager for the web

Your PDFs always available and always organized.

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One-click PDF downloads

Don't waste time navigating complex journal websites or renaming cryptic file names.

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Import PDFs right from your hard disk

Have a folder full of unorganized PDFs on your hard disk? Let Paperpile convert it into a well structured research library.

Paperpile will analyze the PDFs, look up metadata online, flag duplicates and sync them to Google Drive.

Stop worrying about sync problems and storage limits

Once synced to Google Drive, your PDFs are available on all your devices. Make use of gigabytes of free storage that comes with your Google account.

All your papers in one place. Nice and tidy.